Many in the real estate community suffer from a phenomenon known as "islands of information" whereby disjointed information is unable to flow through the organization to enable great decision making. At Ascendix, we have developed strategies to remove these islands of information for the real estate community allowing for greater sales effectiveness and operational efficiency. 

Enabling complete and consistent communication both internally and externally with investors, tenants, suppliers and partners, our clients are able to increase sales and service levels and obtain higher customer satisfaction ratings while maximizing profitability of their assets. 


Tracking Property Information is undoubtedly one of the pillars in commercial real estate crm. AscendixRE™ not only makes it easy to create and manage properties within the solution but also makes it easier to provide data in a timely manner in order to maintain a competitive edge. Having property data readily available will help you make sound decisions in order to help your business run as efficiently as possible.

Property Search Engine
There are several ways to search for properties within the AscendixRE™ application. The easiest is through a quick search feature in which the user can search from predetermined fields to effortlessly find the property that meets the clients’ needs. If a search is used often it can be created into a dynamic view which will automatically be updated if there are new properties that fit in that category.

Mapping Integration 

AscendixRE™ integrates with Bing Maps to give a graphical representation of properties on a map. Quickly and easily find properties in a certain area that fit your particular search parameters whether those variables are vacancies, size, asset type, class, or price range. 

Lease/Sale Comparables 
Find Lease and/or sale comparables with all the relevant data by entering your search parameters. That list can be manipulated or exported to excel. As a deal is closed it will be available for use as a comparable for future reference. 

Make informed decisions regarding your company and better manage your sales efforts by taking advantage of tools which keep track of your corporate or individual success at any given point in time. These benchmarks will allow for you to make decision on allocation of resources in order to meet business goals.

Executive Dashboard 
Dashboards are an effective tool to pulse on the health the organization as a whole or to keep track of personal metrics. The dashboard can be customized to follow what is most important to the user whether that be deals by stage, financial trends, or sales forecast. It will also be relevant to your role in the organization. The management dashboard contains pertinent information to make informed decisions for the organization while the personal dashboard would help an individual track personal success.

Deal Tracking/Commission Splits
Track deals by stage and probability in order to know what is coming down the pipeline and where your energy should be focused. Track commission splits and percentages between inside and outside brokers. 

Lease Preferences Tracking
Match prospective clients with properties that meet their needs. Simply determine the needs of the prospect including whether they are looking for a purchase or a lease, asset class, geography, and price range and let AscendixRE™ find a list of target properties. When the system is updated with additonal properties the target properties will change accordingly.

External Portal 
Embed searches in your website which feed from AscendixRE™. These portals can be used for either public consumption or can be a specialized portal for a landlord to review all activities related to a particular property. 

Create Professional reports and brochures within AscendixRE™ utilizing the information in CRM. Since AscendixRE™ is based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform it works seamlessly with the tools you already know such as Word and Excel. Dynamic reports for both internal and external use can be generated effortlessly. 

Pre-Built Reports
It is no longer necessary to spend countless hours creating internal or external reports. AscendixRE™ ships with prebuilt reporting such as property tour report and property activity report. Other specialized reports which are unique to your company can be generated with information within CRM. These reports are dynamic. So create them once and leverage them on a continual basis.

Automated Document Generation
Create automated property brochures with information populated from AscendixRE™. Quickly and easily generate professional marketing materials for your prospects with a few simple clicks. The content field can be determined by the user to make the end results unique to your company.